Thomasville Furniture wardrobe armoire

Thomasville Furniture wardrobe armoire


Solid wood, large wardrobe armoire

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This solid wood, large wardrobe armoire will give your bedrooms a refined touch with rustic charm. Perfect when closet space is limited or nonexistent, the armoire is a piece of must-have furniture to round out your storage needs.

Thomasville Furniture began as Thomasville Chair Company in 1904, making 500 to 1000 chairs a day by 1905. In the 1960’s, with greater resources at hand, the company broadened both its product line and its client base, moving decisively into contemporary styles and forging strong ties with business clients, such as hotels, in the contract furniture market. Thomasville took great strides in quality control by pioneering the industry’s first Environmental Simulation Package Testing Laboratory. Using climatized chambers and specialized machines to simulate variable conditions, these facilitates helped assure the durability of packaging and, ultimately, the condition of Thomasville’s delivered goods.

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Dimensions 18 × 66 × 44 in


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